4 Elements Via Minecraft

I’m having too much fun with Minecraft at the moment and this is bleeding into my #netnarr experiences. Rather than avoid this crossover, I plan to embrace it further. So, here are the 4 elements as they appear in Minecraft (the order was inspired by Marissa’s post that included a reference to Avatar):


A pond of water in Minecraft.


Dirt blocks in Minecraft


Netherrack blocks on fire in Minecraft.


Cloud blocks in Minecraft.

All 4 Elements

Water, Earth, Fire, Air all represented in Minecraft


As I’m thinking about the 4 elements, digital alchemy, Minecraft, etc. I am reminded how fortunate we are to live in this age. In particular because we have access too virtual worlds where we can practice alchemy. When thinking about the nature of Minecraft, for example, it is about combining different blocks (“crafting”) and typically follows the pattern from simple compounds to increasingly complex materials.

In other words, I’m thinking about the building blocks of Minecraft as they relate to the metaphysics behind the 4 elements as the building blocks of reality. Now I’m wondering if anyone has written about the metaphysics of Minecraft. <quick search online> Yep. They certainly have. Here are a couple resources I found:

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