Final Potion Ingredients – Preparing For #netnarr Minecraft

Voice Chat Software – Discord

I setup a Discord “Server” (essentially equivalent to a Slack team) to offer us the ability to voice chat while playing Minecraft on our computers. Discord has an interesting integration with various streaming softwares that allows all the chat audio to be captured and included in live streaming sessions. So, while we’re talking about Digital Alchemy and #netnarr, we’ll be able to have conversations publicly with anyone else from #netnarr that wants to tune in instead of playing. The only downside is that people who want to chat will need to create a free Discord account and join my Discord server.

That being said, I’m looking forward to connecting with the participants of #netnarr to talk about the teaching and learning they’re doing this semester, even more than playing Minecraft. 🙂

Live Streaming Software – Open Broadcasting Software (OBS)

I’ll use the free and open software OBS to live stream our Minecraft sessions. The major setup requires obtaining my “Stream Key” from my Twitch account to connect OBS to Twitch. I will setup a couple basic scenes with a few video and audio input sources. If you’re interested in learning more about live streaming with OBS, start with Twitch’s setup guide. Also, there are tons of video guides on YouTube; and here’s the middle of a comprehensive playlist that covers setting up a Stream Key:

Streaming Platform – Twitch

My go to streaming platform is Twitch. Although I’ve used YouTube Gaming in the past, I prefer the longer-standing Twitch service. Being older, it just has many more integrations, some of which we’ll use (like Discord’s integration).

Scheduling – Doodle Poll

Since the #netnarr family practices Digital Alchemy far and wide, I’ll likely coordinate playtime availability through Doodle polls.

Connecting – Minecraft Usernames

I’ll be gathering the Minecraft usernames of all the #netnarr players so I can invite them to the Realms server to play.

Other Equipment

I’m using this gaming headset to capture my voice.

I’m using this webcam.

My computer (that’s running everything) has these specifications:

OS: Windows 10
CPU: FX-6200
GPU: GTX 650 Ti Boost

Our Goal

As a reminder, we are setting out on this adventure to explore the different types of Digital Alchemy present in Minecraft. This #netnarr content will drive our learning. Feel free to read more about all that here and here.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything! I’m trying to document and share all the components from logistics to equipment. 🙂

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