#Netnarr Thoughts on the Walk Home

Prepare yourself for ramblings from the cold.


We had a great #netnarr chat tonight and you can checkout a curated recap here:

After participating in this chat I’m extremely excited about the campiness of this course and the openness of the community.

“Campiness” is hard to pull off well. Having another layer of meaning below the surface, especially in curriculum requires a lot of outside-the-box thought and effort. But the benefits of invoking curiosity to inspire more learning are worth it. The campiness formula for #netnarr is great so far.

I’m digging the loose definition of alchemy that has inspired so much creativity and thought. My gut reaction was that this may hinder discussion, but I am experiencing quite the opposite. The community that has come to #netnarr is open to the flexibility.

In fact, as far as I’ve experienced there is a very positive connotation with Alchemy at the moment. May folks tend to see is a a synergistic process and are readily applying it to their coursework and beyond.

All that to say, I’m excited to continue learning, lurking, and growing as a fellow digital alchemists.

But first, I’m going to go warm in now.

Alchemy of the Twitter Chat


Except in cases of “Voter Fraud” AmIright?





#dda23 Inside Music Lyrics

Hello, how are you?

Today’s challenge had me thinking about a song from a group I listened to a lot growing up. The group is The Early November. The song is “Hair.”

Hello, how are you?

Here’s the song:

Hello, how are you!?!

Here’s today’s challenge:

You’ll have to excuse me, I just discovered the group has reunited and has published more music.

Hello, how are you!?!

Experimenting as Storytelling


Storytelling is about experimentation.

Storytelling is about expression.


Stories make it possible to convey complex ideas, relationships, and dilemmas.

Stories are the canvas we use to paint experiences.


Storyreaders are the experience experimenters.

Storyreaders are the experts.


Storyreading expands our imagination.

Storyreading connects across space and time.