Join Us – #netnarr Minecraft

Propaganda Poster for #netnarr that promotes a Minecraft session exploring digital alchemy.

Play with us! – We are playing the regular computer version of Minecraft. If you want to play, contact Keegan about joining our multiplayer server ASAP.

(Or) Watch us! – Come hangout, watch, and talk with us about digital alchemy, Minecraft, and other #netnarr shenanigans by visiting Keegan’s Twich profile on Sat. February 18th at 3PM CST.

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  3. Minecraft images from Minecraft Wiki

Are You Interested In Playing Minecraft #netnarr?

I’m interested in playing Minecraft with the good folks of #netnarr. Does anyone share my interest?

Here’s what I’m thinking.

Since we are studying digital alchemy, I want to focus on this as it relates to Minecraft. Specifically, I’m thinking about playing with the objective of exploring both the potion brewing and enchanting built into Minecraft. (I’ve still not fully explored the potion brewing beyond a couple recipes, so this would be new content for me.) Anyways, here’s an outline of the goals checklist I was thinking about:

For Potion Brewing

  1. Acquire diamonds
  2. Find lava (or obsidian)
  3. Go to the Nether
  4. Defeat Blaze
  5. Craft potion brewing station
  6. Collect potion ingredients
  7. Brew potions!

For Enchanting

  1. Acquire diamonds
  2. Find lava (or obsidian)
  3. Craft enchantment table
  4. Acquire Lapis
  5. Enchant tools and equipment

Additionally, I was thinking that we should stream our #netnarr Minecraft adventures using Twitch (or YouTube live, etc.). That way we can include more of the #netnarr community in our adventures as everyone may not want to play but may still be interested in watching and chatting. This is also a “two birds with one stone” situation though because the act of “live streaming” is another tool in the digital alchemists tool belt that we haven’t discussed yet. In other words, not only am I interested in furthering Minecraft and game literacies, but I’m also eager to explore live streaming and other digital literacies skills.

Here’s an outline of those (learning) goals:

Learning Minecraft

  1. Explore the digital of “Digital Alchemy”
  2. Uncover Minecraft crafting recipes
  3. Learn about games and multiplayer networking
  4. Reflect on our exploration of Minecraft’s version of digital alchemy

Learning about Live Streaming

  1. Create accounts with live streaming service
  2. Setup live streaming software
  3. Practice engaging with a community while live streaming games
  4. Reflect on where else your new live streaming skill might apply

Whether you are comfortable playing Minecraft or live streaming video from a computer, this is an opportunity to learn more about these domains because I’m happy to teach both topics (and learn together if I don’t know all the answers). Anyways, if you are interested in this, please fill out this form so I can get an sense of how many people might want to play or watch digital alchemy in Minecraft:

If there is enough interest, we will do this! If not, no worries. 🙂

PS. I like taking the digital of “Digital Alchemy” to the extreme. This idea was inspired while I was writing my previous post.

4 Elements Via Minecraft

I’m having too much fun with Minecraft at the moment and this is bleeding into my #netnarr experiences. Rather than avoid this crossover, I plan to embrace it further. So, here are the 4 elements as they appear in Minecraft (the order was inspired by Marissa’s post that included a reference to Avatar):


A pond of water in Minecraft.


Dirt blocks in Minecraft


Netherrack blocks on fire in Minecraft.


Cloud blocks in Minecraft.

All 4 Elements

Water, Earth, Fire, Air all represented in Minecraft


As I’m thinking about the 4 elements, digital alchemy, Minecraft, etc. I am reminded how fortunate we are to live in this age. In particular because we have access too virtual worlds where we can practice alchemy. When thinking about the nature of Minecraft, for example, it is about combining different blocks (“crafting”) and typically follows the pattern from simple compounds to increasingly complex materials.

In other words, I’m thinking about the building blocks of Minecraft as they relate to the metaphysics behind the 4 elements as the building blocks of reality. Now I’m wondering if anyone has written about the metaphysics of Minecraft. <quick search online> Yep. They certainly have. Here are a couple resources I found: